{February 21, 2021}   Signs and Wonders

During my morning walk on Beach Road in Capistrano Beach today, I was surprised when a baby sea lion appeared from out of the rocks a few yards in front of me. I paused, fearful of scaring it, and stood watching as it made its way slowly from the safety of the rocks to the water’s edge. I looked around for its mother, but it appeared to be alone. I fully expected it to keep going out into the ocean, but it paused there, cocking its head to one side and meeting me eye-to-eye. As we stood silently mesmirized, studying one another, I attempted a closer approach, but the pup was skitish and reacted fearfully. Contented with just enjoying the moment, I eventually abandoned the stand-off and continued my walk. Upon my return trek, the pup was gone.

Always interested in spirituality, myths, signs and omens, I came home and looked up the symbolism attributed to the sighting of sea lions, seals and other water creatures. As a writer, what I found was very interesting.

According to myths and legend a sea lion/seal sighting is an indication that one should pay close attention to one’s imagination and insights, to be aware of thoughts and dreams and to allow creativity and imagination to soar. Further … water as a symbol is a universal expression of the unconscious, and when these creatures find their way into one’s life they need to be honored. By being open, water animal totems can teach one the ways of simpler, more positive paths of thought, and remind us to live with unbridled freedom, as if we have no limits.

Whether in the realm of one’s beliefs or not …. it certainly gives one food for thought.

Margaret Zeibak says:

There you go, Anne – let your creativity and imagination soar!


Thanks Maggie girl! I trust you’re are well! All good here. Starting to get out more.
So sick of this nightmare! Be safe and well my friend!


I love this Anne…..!! hope all’s well with you. love rosemary



Thanks Rosemary, it was a special experience! I trust you are staying well! All good with me. Just tired of this COVID nightmare, good to hear from you.


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