For centuries male artists have admired and painted the female anatomy, emphasizing in their work whatever portion appealed to them. Today, most red-blooded American males would claim a favorite … breasts, legs, buttocks, etc.

The other day I was in the supermarket shopping for a bottle of wine for a gathering that evening. Definitely not a wine connoisseur, I was perusing the white wine section (the favorite among my female friends) and pondering selections. Having no clue which to choose, I suddenly spotted a Pinot Grigio labelled Nice Legs.

It was  definitely deja vu.

Until he passed, my husband was a self-proclaimed leg man, and I had the good fortune to be told often that I had great legs. Those among us in the throes of their “golden years,” can appreciate how a compliment like that can stroke an ego that is constantly waning.

You can well imagine that the Pinot Grigio had me at Nice Legs. I took it to the party and it was good. Moderately priced, the label reads … “Nice legs aren’t everything. Unless you are a glass of wine, that is. Admire these shapely beauties that curve from rim to base … and draw more than a few interested glasses from around the room. Hey – if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Show off those long, beautiful legs.”

Well … at 5 ft. my legs definitely aren’t long, and as I age not so beautiful.  But you can well imagine that Nice Legs Pinot Grigio has become my white wine of choice.  And on the evenings that I indulge in Happy Hour, I sip a cool glass slowly as I remember the 50 years I spent with the love of my life … and I smile.

FYI – Nice Legs is a California Wine from Buellton, CA, with an enticing bouquet of tangerine, orange blossom and a velvety mouthfeel burst of tropical peach, margarita lime and a hint of honey. (their description … not mine … but I love it)

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