Most of us have grown up hearing momilies, adages and sayings touting life-living wisdom. One such adage, Old Guys Rule, was created and placed on a sticker by San Clementean Don Craig. It was a saying that vocalized not only what he deeply believed, but was representative of a lifestyle he continues living today.

Of his life journey Don says, “There comes a time in your life when comfort meets substance, when all of your hard work has paid dividends and the world is at your command. All of the things you hoped you could do someday, you are now doing. The toils of youth are now your experiences, no longer the student, but the teacher.” 

There is a tradition among Hawaiians of “talking story.” Everyone has a story, and in my professional capacity as freelance editor/writer I am privy to this practice. My interview for this quarter’s issue of the San Clemente Journal ( includes Don Craig’s very interesting story of his journey FROM SLOGAN TO SUCCESS. You might want to check it out online or pick up a copy of the Journal on Avenida Del Mar in downtown San Clemente. I think you might enjoy reading his story as much as I did writing it.

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