To ramble is to wander without a definite destination, a journey taken merely for pleasure; to grow in a random unsystematic manner. That is what I do. I am a writer who rambles around writing stories about people, places and things. That is what this blog is all about.


My journalistic career began at the age of 10 writing the “Neighborhood News.” My mother was my first and toughest editor. I learned the business from the ground up, setting type in the press room, and composing stories on a typewriter, then a word processor, a computer and now on iPad and iPhone.  A former Parochial Schoolteacher, I have written for several newspapers including the St. Petetrsburg Times, FL, the San Diego Union, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, the Thousand Oaks News Chronicle, and the Orange County Register Sun Post News. As a sportswriter I have designed and written tennis club newsletters, written for IHRSA and Club Corp (a tennis club conglomeration). Presently editor of the San Clemente Journal (, I have worked with Edupress, the Thomas Nelson Publishing Co. Christian authors Bob/Cheryl Biehl (The Questions Book), author/speaker Kent Healy (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Baja author Greg Neimann (Baja Fever), and educator Barbara Barnes (It’s the Kids). I am a member of Matrix Table, Honorary Journalism Society and have received writing awards from the USC School of Journalism and Redlands University. Everyone has a life story and I love telling those stories.

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