The thing I enjoy most about being a journalist is meeting and writing stories about interesting people. The most rewarding part of writing is having my words touch someone. The following is a note I received from the daughter of someone I had the pleasure of interviewing and writing about. It touched my heart.
Dear Anne
I want to thank you for such a wonderful writing of my parents’ life.  There were so many wonderful details, small things that, taken together created a marvelous picture.   I had merely pulled this from my “stache” of old stuff and hadn’t looked at it probably since I put it in the file in 2001.  But as I read it aloud to Mom at the Wind and Sea last week, we both realized what a precious thing it was.  I told her “This must have been written by a woman”.  Then we looked and sure enough.  So much credit was given to Mom throughout.  I’m sure Dad gave Mom plenty of credit, but my intuition tells me you were certain not to let any of that go unplublished.  Such an affirming thing for Mom who bucked the norms of her times.  I thank you.
Barbara McCaslin Horn

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