{July 31, 2020}   Chit Chat

The Pandemic for Me

The best of times and the worst of times

 A time for everything

To pray and reflect

To read and relax

To walk and be silent

To listen and hear

To wonder at nature

To plant a new garden

 To chat with my neighbors

To text with my friends

To treasure my family

To learn how to Zoom

To yearn for embraces

To mourn for the losses

To search for the reasons

To question and wonder

To grieve the destruction

To fear for the future

But never give up

the hope to recover

Maggie says:

Glad to see you’re blogging again! I think we have more time to be introspective in our isolation and it’s probably a good thing I spent thirty days teaching myself Haiku (modern rules) and wrote one every day…that kept the grey matter active! Other than that, absolutely nothing going on!💟

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Hi girl
Nice to hear from you and know you are well. All good here. Hope this gets over soon! Mag is hanging in so far. I’m not writing as much, maybe one article an issue. Just doing managing the writer assignments, deadlines, editing, and advising Don and Shelly. I’m doing Pilates in the park two days a week and walking for exercise. Otherwise pretty much a homebody. Hope to see your smiling face soon! Stay well my friend. Anne


Lori Luszczak says:



Thanks Lori. Just my thoughts during these crazy times. I trust you are well and surviving all this craziness! So far so good here. I think of all of you and hold you in my heart and prayers!


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