{January 13, 2020}   RETIREMENT

American writer Anne Lamott has said, “almost anything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes.”

After working for almost 25 years at a job I absolutely loved among people who have become my family, I have reluctantly decided to unplug for a while.

For a, first-born, type A personality like me, that is an extremely difficult thing to do. But unlike Webster who defines retirement as withdrawal … withdrawal into privacy and seclusion … that is the last thing I plan to do with whatever time I have left on this earth.

My personal definition of retirement is freedom … freedom from responsibilities. Frankly, I never thought I would live so long, and knowing that I have been gifted with good physical and mental health in my elder years, I plan to take advantage of that freedom and to … “make hay while the sun shines,” … as my dear mother would say.

The question that always seems to be asked when someone retires is, “what’s next?” For now, I plan to just unplug for a while, and to take the advice of scripture to, “be still, and to speak less and listen much.”

Where I go from here, only God knows and I await whatever comes with baited breath.

good luck Anne….i can’t imagine you just ‘withdrawing’ … but enjoy those moments of peace and serenity…your words and love for others has always brought light and joy to many. Thank you for all those years…. lotsa hugs. rosemary xo



Dear Rosemary, so good to hear from you … I trust you are doing well.
I have finally retired from the tennis club. I am still writing/editing for the journal and other publications and authors. I have also been approached to write for a new Fitness/Lifestyle magazine that will be published soon in Newport Beach. I’m too gabby to give up my writing … Ha! Take good care girl and I hope to see you soon.
Hugs, Anne


Carol Walsh says:

I foresee more lunches and book discussions with Carol 😉❤️


Amen Carol. I look forward to many more good times together!


Patty Nickolai says:

Anne, you are an inspiration to all. Enjoy your next adventure because I’m sure it will be fabulous. Now you can go to all the parties. Looking forward to many more fun times.


Thanks Patty. I miss you all already but know our paths will cross again soon. I treasure your friendship in my heart!


Thank you! A great compliment coming from you!


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