Recently on my daily walk on the beach, I spotted an older couple holding hands, heads bent together, sharing an intimate conversation. And it is at times like these that I feel a twinge in my heart, a sense of loss, and the wondering about what might have been rears its ugly head.

As a widow I have chosen to remain single, filling my life with work, family, friends and travel. And as is expected, people ask me all the time if I am dating, or if I am interested in anyone new.

While certainly not adverse to meeting someone to spend time with,  it was never in my plan to have another serious relationship. My husband was the love of my life. We met as teenagers and spent over half a century together, and it would have been hard for me not to make comparisons.

Most of the time I am okay with my choice, but we do live in a couples society and there are definitely things that I miss about being in a partnership.

What is most missed is the connection with that person who knows you almost as well as you know yourself. That someone to debate with, who helps you see things in another light, that one you can draw strength from when you’re feeling indecisive or inadequate.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life with many blessings, and I realize that I have been free to do many things that may not have been possible had I been married.

While my life didn’t quite turn out the way I might have planned it, I have many wonderful memories, a loving caring family, great friends, work that I love and most importantly my faith. It is these things that sustain me … and for that I am truly grateful.

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